Hugyfot Macro Poort 67mm Duo Flip Adapter Pro+ Maximize

Hugyfot Macro Poort 67mm Duo Flip Adapter Pro+

Hugyfot Macro Port 67mm Duo Flip Adapter Pro+

The Duo Flip Adapter Pro is very useful if you want to quickly switch between diopter or color correction filter and regular lens. No more hassle with up and unscrew the diopter or filter. You do not need lens holders anymore, the Duo Flip Adapter Pro is still just sit on your port.

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After a year development we have now the Pro+ version!!! Your conversion lens now comes almost against the front glass for maximum magnification and optimal operation.

Foldaway Duo lens adapter with 67mm screw mount for Hugyfot Macro Port.
The following diopters or filters fits on the Duo Flip Adapter Pro, such as:

  • Dyron Double Macrolens +7
  • Dyron Quantum +11 Achromatic
  • Dyron Atom +19 Achromatic
  • Subsee +10 diopter
  • Subsee +5 diopter
  • Nauticam SMC (Super Macro Converter)
  • INON UCL-100 macro conversion lens
  • INON UCL-165 macro conversion lens
  • INON UCL-330 macro conversion lens
  • 67mm Red filter (tropical water)
  • 67mm Magenta filter (green water)