Isotta Flitser RED64 Volledige grootte weergeven

Isotta Flitser RED64

Available from the first half of 2020. 

Over 30 years after its first breakthrough flash, the Isomat 33, Isotta has returned to its roots with this brand new and powerful underwater strobe. Isotta is proud to announce the Isotta RED64 with guide number 64 in its signature red anodized aluminum finish and double O-rings.

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Isotta’s  RED64 strobe features a thorough design, shielded electronics isolated from the control panel and a microprocessor with a software that can be upgraded guaranteeing a high quality performance in time. It is also neutrally buoyant in water and waterproof up to 100 meters. The strobe emits a wide and homogenous spread of light with no hot spot thanks to a xenon toroidal lamp and a warm color temperature of 5300 K essential for capturing bright colours underwater. 
Being one of the most powerful strobes in the market it gives photographers the  maximum light in every situation, illuminating details even in the darkest waters or against the light.


Isotta’s RED64 features a guide number n.22 in water (at 1 meter of distance, 100 ISO) allowing for a great power underwater and ideal to shoot against the sunlight and with big or distant subjects. Its beam angle of 130° degrees is achieved with its parabolic aluminum dish, spreading light without a diffusor and avoiding backscatter. The strobe has a two color target light (white and red) from which to choose depending on the photographer’s needs. 
Different to all other high-power strobes in the market the batteries section allows photographers to use their own 8 Ni-MH-AA rechargeable high quality batteries, in a compartment sealed and separated from electronics. This not only allows for flexibility at location but also a big cost saving.
The RED64 Strobe is ergonomically designed with controls visible from every angle. A multi-color LED indicating activity and strobe readiness as well as battery status. The strobe can be controlled both automatically and manually: RED64 can be operated with an optical fiber cable working in TTL mode and as well in Manual. Alternatively it can be used with sync cables through a S6 bulkhead or Nikonos V or in even in slave mode to work without cables.


• 1st Selector OFF/Manual/TTL;
• 2nd Selector Manual Power comp. TTL;

• 1 Switch Pilot Light ON / White Light / Red Light;

• 1 MULTICOLOR RED: GREEN (100% full battery) / 
    YELLOW (40%) / 
    ORANGE (20%) / 
    RED (3% low battery) / 
    BLUE (TTL-C -> TTL-Syncro Cable) / 
    LIGHT BLUE (TTL-F -> TTL-Fiber) / 
    GREEN (M-C/F -> Manual-Cable or Fiber) / 
    VIOLET (M-F -> Manual-Fiber with pre-Flash)

Technical data:

• 100 metres depth rating;

• Power 270 W;

• Easy one hand housing open/close; 

• 1 Multicolor Led;

• High precision and quality O-Ring seals;
• Guide Number: n° 22 in water / ISO 100;
• Illumination 130°;
• Charge Time 3 sec 22 / 1 sec 11 / 0,1 sec 1;
• Flashes x Charge: 350 flashes with full power 22;
• Color Temperature 5.300° K;
• Manual Power Adjustment Non i-TTL / 10 Steps;
• Flash sockets 1xS6;
• Optical Fiber: yes;
• Servo Flash: yes;
• Modeling Light: white / red;
• Weight in Water: neutral;
• Weight outside: 1.250 gr (included batteries);

• Other Features: 8 Rechargeable Batteries NiMH AA / Slave Function / Battery Test